3rd May : World Press Freedom Day

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03.05.2020 is the World Press Freedom Day

Let´s reflect on how journalism has developed. What will be reported on? What is there silence about? What is almost always written about in a very one-sided way and why? Who exerts pressure? 

In which case is it more about the decline or death of press freedom than in the case of Julian Assange?

This day, like many other days, will be spent by journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange behind bars at Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison in London, the British Guantanamo.

Despite his chronic lung disease and an increased risk of contracting Covid 19, and without a court ruling – has been sitting there for over a year in preventive prison. The USA demands his extradition, and it is only for this reason that an unsentenced journalist is in prison with the highest security level in Great Britain.

On Press Freedom Day, it is vital that we draw attentin on this judicial scandal, which is a precedent case that overrides our most fundamental rights and will go down in history! We are using this day to draw massive attention to it and to inform journalists, politicians, organisations and our surroundings.

Here you can join several online actions for this day!


Letters for social media and emails, a link list, and much more.

List with 1500 journalists you can contact, to write regulary and specially on this day About Julian Assange. 

Please use this #hashtags on this day

#WorldPressFreedomDay #ElephantInTheRoom #WPFD #WPFD2020 #COVID19
#SaveAssangeCovid19 #BailAssangeUK #DontKillAssangeUSA #FreeAssangeNOW
#SaveJulian #FreetheTruth #FreetheTruthteller #IamAssange #WeAreAllAssange
#PressFreedom #PressFreedomAssange #JuliansFreedomIsOurFreedom


Please sign our Open Letter.

We have written an letter demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Julian Assange. Please help us to circulate this letter in order to share it among supporters, journalists, lawyers, human Rights activists, fighters for democracy, press freedom and constitutional state and everybody interested in promoting our common project of releasing Julian Assange from prison, stopping any prosecution of him instantly and protecting free press, journalists ans Whistleblowers. 


Tareq Haddad and Mohamed Elmaazi talk About journalism withour fear or favour in the case of Julian Assange.

1pm-2pm BST
#Unity4J on Youtube @Candles4Assange Twitter and Facebook


Online Talk – 1 pm Eastern-US For Link, please follow on twitter


Online Talk – 4 pm BST
Deepa Driver will be moderating a discussion between John Wight, Chris Williamson⁦ and Greg Hadfield
⁩ Register here. ⁩


11 am BST
Interview with investigative journalist @serenatinari. Then, a discussion on dissent & media plurality with @lazebnic and @jrschlosberg
Register here.


Online Talk
There will be 3 guest journalists discussing the importance of what World Press Freedom means to the whole of Society
Speakers, Journalists: James Ricketson, Mary Kostakidis, Paul Gregoire

Link to accèss the online Event
Topic: World Press Freedom Day Sydney
Time: May 3, 2020 02:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/91313974239
Meeting ID: 913 1397 4239


Pics with blue and red content will be spread on Twitter and their Facebook page.


Several countries and cities will join a huge online event Support Assange & Wikileaks Coalition – global webinar from Sydney
Live streaming also on unity4J Action 4Assange and via Support Assange & Wikileaks Coalition group on FB For more @SAWCSydney on Twitter

Media for #WorldPressFreedomDay as invited by @SAWCSydney, for more info email info.sawcsydey@gmail.com

EVENTS listing so far

Sydney OZ 2PM AEST (GMT 5am) @sawcSydney Support Assange & Wikileaks Coalition

Possible slots here for: Perth Noon ? utc+7 (UK 6am) / Adelaide utc+8.5 (UK 7am)
Melbourne utc+10 (UK 8am) (Or will replay unity4J/A4A videos) (GMT 6am-9am)

New Zealand 8PM NZST (GMT 9am) Candles4Assange Unity4J

Austria 11am (GMT 10am) Unity4J Austria

UK tentative 1/2 hr Slot 11am (GMT 11am) for @Deepa_Driver #FreeTheTruth

Germany, Street protests planned and online themeday via Free Assange Committee Germany

France tentative slot 2pm (GMT 1pm)
Assange, L’ultime combat ? Await journalists availability

London Alison Mason 2pm (GMT 2pm)
@alimay1234 Candles4assange London Crew

Canada tentative slot 10am (GMT 3pm)
Peter Kitty Hundal Steve McMaster @SherryDrums

Scotland 4PM (GMT 4pm)

USA New York? Noon (5 GMT)
slot reserved tentatively for Randy Credico ‘Countdown to Freedom’

USA Action4Assange 1pm EDT (GMT 6pm)

MEXICO 2pm (GMT 7pm)
Natalia RiverAScott MexicoConJulian and Candles4Assange https://facebook.com/events/s/mexico/559432561369666/?ti=as


Online Talk 5 pm CET
Facebook event, join and ask Questions in the comments concerning Julian Assange.