AnOnymous calls for Julian Assange’s immediate release in the name of human right’s the right to inform!


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Greetings world. We are anonymous.
When governments violate human ́ s rights, rebellion is a fundamental duty, a citizen act.
Also, we are United, Anonymous, Whistleblowers, Yellow Vests and Resistants to alert the world to the fate of Julian ASSANGE, a great journalist who has won many awards.
Global surveillance and liberticide laws are ubiquitous. We are increasingly watched by the powerfullest people of the world, but who is watching them? Journalism is the last sentinel of peoples.

A man, Julian Assange rose to denounce their crimes by creating the WIKILEAKS platform which allows the deposit and dissemination of confidential documents.
WIKILEAKS has been operating since 2006 and has brought to light the abuses committed by the American army in 2007 in Iraq.

Let us also mention the MACRONLEAKS, documents denouncing the lies of the MACRON mafia and in particular the scandal of the carbon tax diverted in favor of the biggest enterprises. Since then, the people manifests every week to denounce this corrupted system .
Since his revelations on Iraq – COLLATERAL MURDER video showing the assassination of civilians by the US army – Julian Assange has been chased. He is currently illegally detained in a high security prison in England. A trial for his extradition is scheduled for late February, if he is still alive. He is kept in solitary confinement and tortured. The alerts from the UN and more than 60 doctors do not change anything.

No more mainstream media talks about him although they have profusely benefited of his work. It only remains us, the people, as the only bulwark!
The United States cannot destroy the message, so they wants to kill the messenger, in order to send a strong signal to all journalists and whistleblowers to dissuade them from exposing the truth.

Open your eyes, inform yourselves, resist , telling the truth is not a crime, it is the journalist’s first duty.

We demand his immediate releaseJulian Assange .
Remember who we are. Corruption fears us.
We are anonymous. We are legion.
We are fighting for the truth. We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!


#FreePRESS #Unity4J #JulianASSANGEfree #NoUsExtradition
#DontExtraditeAssange #FreeASSANGE #SaveJulianAssange #NoExtradition
#BringJulianHome #BringAssangeHome #YouCanResist #HandsOffAssange
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