Anthony Galloway writes “‘Psychological torture’: Pamela Anderson’s direct plea to Scott Morrison”

Pamela Anderson says Julian Assange is facing “psychological torture” in a British jail as doctors have raised fresh concern about the WikiLeaks founder’s health.

Anderson said Mr Morrison did not have to do anything special for Assange, “just do the same as your party’s predecessor did” with Mr Ricketson, who was given a royal pardon after 15 months in a Cambodian prison on espionage charges.

“Do as your previous leader did for James Ricketson. Pick up the phone and save an Australian hero.

Pick up the phone and call President [Donald] Trump and call Prime Minister [Boris] Johnson and tell them to do their part to save the people’s democratic right in the Western world and free Julian Assange.

Silence is complicity when faced with the onset of tyranny and the destruction of human rights as this case symbolises in the highest order.”

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