Assange’s Body Bag is At-the-Ready

On 15th April 2020, Jude Fleming writes

The UK Ministry of Justice Is Not Above the Law: Corporate Manslaughter includes Gross Negligence and Death in Custody.

In British law “Corporate Manslaughter” includes gross negligence but what the UK Government is doing to Assange right now should be deemed a Corporate Homicide. The difference between “manslaughter” and “homicide” is intent. Right now he is trapped in Belmarsh while COVID19 rips through the prison. The UK decided to release some prisoners under new COVID19 mitigation measures to reduce numbers and risk of death in custody, but Assange does not qualify. Why is he ineligible for release under new COVID-19 temporary release measures? The answers don’t make sense. As an extradition target, he’s not currently serving a custodial sentence nor awaiting an upcoming sentencing hearing. He is a remand inmate, not a convicted criminal, and the upcoming US extradition trial will roll into a Supreme Court appeal. He needs to be convicted of a crime in the UK in order to have an upcoming sentencing hearing, therefore he is excluded from these emergency measures. Technically, Assange is innocent and that puts him into British limbo and excluded from bail release.

“The Ministry of Justice confirmed with AAP that Julian Assange, who is being held on remand in Belmarsh prison, will not be temporarily released because he’s not serving a custodial sentence and therefore not eligible. The government is also working to expedite sentencing hearings for those on remand to reduce crowding in jails, but the Australian won’t be affected by that measure either.”

Translation: Under no circumstances shall Julian Assange be released, even temporarily, to prevent his foreseeable and probable death in custody.

Julian Assange is a sitting duck. The US and the UK know this. Their combined efforts to crush him have left his life hanging in the balance. He is too close to death for them to release him on humanitarian grounds. It would undermine their intentional, slow homicide. The public would be horrified if he reemerged from the gallows. The scent of death is palpable and pungent. The homicide is nearly complete. It would take a scant withholding of his medicine, psychiatric treatment, or food and water to push him into his readied body bag.

“Her Majesty’s Homicide” is unfolding with apparent impunity. To deny Assange bail is to intentionally advance his death. It must stop now.

The UK Government is not above the law.

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