Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) calls on Australian Government to bring Julian Assange back to Australia

26th Oct 2019

Passing a motion at its national conference today, the ALA resolved to call for the Australian Government to do all it can to bring Julian Assange back to Australia and to resist attempts by the US to extradite him.

“This is an important issue about the rule of law and protecting an Australian in a vulnerable position overseas,” said ALA national president, Mr Andrew Christopoulos.

The ALA is concerned about the reach of the charges brought against Mr Assange.

“This is about standing up for the rule of law, fairness and the freedom to expose wrong doing,” said Mr Christopoulos.

“An Australian citizen is abroad and we are concerned that his well-being is being compromised.  The reported decline of Julian Assange’s physical and mental health heightens the need for urgent government intervention. The government has intervened in cases like this before and should do so in this circumstance.”

reference: ALA web page

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