Bundestag Condemns Persecution of Julian Assange as an Attack on Press Freedom

On the 6th July 2022, members of the Bundestag, Sevim Dagdelen and Sören Pellmann, posted the passing of a motion supporting the release of Julian Assange in the Fraction DIE LINKE (Group THE LEFT) web site (Google Translation)

“For the first time, the German Bundestag condemns in the strongest possible terms the psychological torture of journalist Julian Assange in British custody and the associated attack on press freedom in Germany and Europe. The consideration of a corresponding petition in the Petitions Committee today is a mandate to the traffic light government to campaign for the release of Julian Assange,” explains Sören Pellmann, chairman of the DIE LINKE parliamentary group in the Petitions Committee.

Sevim Dagdelen, chairwoman of the DIE LINKE parliamentary group in the Foreign Affairs Committee, explains the vote: “The decision in the German Bundestag for the life and freedom of Julian Assange is a historic decision. For years, MPs from across factions have been campaigning for the release of Julian Assange, and this has now also been decided by parliament. The federal government must finally give up its inaction, respect the vote of the Bundestag and urge its partners in the USA and Great Britain for an end to the political persecution of Julian Assange. Those who uncover war crimes do not belong in prison, but those who commit and order them.”

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