Dr John Jiggens writes “The slow-motion crucifixion of Julian Assange”

14 July 2019

What is happening to Julian Assange is nothing short of torture and a denial of his human rights”

“FOR THE PAST five years I’ve been reporting on what Catholic Worker and Assange supporter Ciaron O’Reilly refers to as the ‘slow-motion crucifixion of Julian Assange’.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that the Australian Government was providing consular assistance to Julian Assange, but he wouldn’t be given any ‘special treatment’.

O’Reilly dismissed this as bureaucratic newspeak. He said:

The Australian Government hasn’t played any proactive role in advocating for his human rights: access to due process and free speech as a journalist.

There are huge issues involved in charging any journalist under the Espionage Act as even the Washington Post and the New York Times and Bob Carr are beginning to realise. This could be the end of journalism in relation to the military. Australia needs to lift its game and defend the human rights of its citizen Julian Assange.

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Editors Note: Does Julian’s situation warrant diplomatic rather than consular support?