Eleven Australian MPs form group to advocate for Julian Assange’s return to Australia

Queensland MP George Christensen will co-chair the group along with Mr Wilkie

The members are:
  MP Andrew Wilkie
  MP Zali Steggall
  MP George Christensen
  MP Barnaby Joyce
  MP Julian Hill
  MP Steve Georganas
Centre Alliance
  MP Rebekha Sharkie
  Senator Rex Patrick
  leader Senator Richard Di Natale
  deputy MP Adam Bandt
  Senator Peter Whish-Wilson

Rob Harris reports in the Sydney Morning Herald

Editors Correction: Senator Rex Patrick is not a member of this Group.
As a rule Senator Patrick does not join parliamentary friendship groups. He is a stronger supporter of the return of Julian Assange to Australia and this year commented “He should not be extradited and prosecuted by the United States Government for exercising his rights of free speech and for practicing as a journalist and publisher. This would have a deeply chilling effect on the freedom of the press worldwide. Any such prosecution must be strongly opposed by the Australian Government.”
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