Malcolm Roberts, Queensland Senator Declares Support for Julian Assange

On the 1/7/2022 Malcolm Roberts, Queensland Senator (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) posted this letter of support for Julian Assange

You emailed me in regards to Julian Assange, this is my view on the issue.

The Labor Government must do more to get Australian citizen Julian Assange home than they did to keep the Bilo family in Australia.

Before the election, as opposition leader, Anthony Albanese said that Assange’s incarceration had gone on long enough and he wanted him freed. Now as Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese must live up to his word and return Julian Assange to Australia.

He’s made equally as extraordinary interventions to keep the Bilo family in Australia, there’s absolutely no reason he shouldn’t do at least the same if not more for an Australian citizen, Julian Assange.

The Labor Government is sitting back and allowing the United States to persecute an Australian citizen.

This is contrary to the role of the Australian Government, which is tasked with ensuring the welfare of Australian citizens overseas.

Julian Assange should not be treated differently to any other Australian. 

Julian’s action in releasing the Iraq War Logs is not fundamentally different to the information released by Daniel Ellsberg in 1971 which became known as the Pentagon Papers.

In an era where journalism still existed, the Pentagon Papers were detailed by the New York Times and Time Magazine.

Ultimately the release was supported as being consistent with the First Amendment and a matter of public interest by a 6-3 ruling of the United States Supreme Court.

The United States should take this ruling into consideration and be mindful that any prosecution of a journalist for releasing documents that deserve to be in the public domain is fraught with peril.Further, with the benefit of many years passing, the allegation that the Iraq War Logs placed lives at risk is not supported.

After 1000 days of imprisonment without trial, the Australian Government must now act.

Return Julian Assange to Australia.

Kind regards
Senator Malcolm Roberts

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