There Is No Evidence Russia Hacked the DNC and Gave Emails to WikiLeaks

On the 16th May 2020, Joe Hoft  writes

Jesse Watters at Watters’ World confirmed tonight what we have been reporting for years and we were absolutely correct. Deep State participant Crowdstrike had no information that Russia hacked the DNC and then forwarded hacked emails to WikiLeaks. This was a lie!

The release of documents from the Intel Community that were held up by corrupt liar, Rep. Adam Schiff, show incredible information that destroys the Deep State’s many lies. The biggest lie which the Russia collusion sham was based on was the tale that Russia hacked the DNC and then gave the hacked emails to WikiLeaks, who in turn released them before the 2016 election.

The whole story was a lie!

Aaron Mate from The Gray Zone joined Jesse Watters to discuss the Russian “hacking” scandal and Crowdstrike.

Aaron Mate analysis from twitter

On March 8, 2020 and before on June 16, 2019, we presented arguments against the Mueller gang’s assertion that the DNC was hacked by Russians. 

Cyber expert Yaacov Apelbaum posted an incredible report with information basically proving that the DNC was not hacked by the Russians.

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