Biden Considering Dropping Charges Against Julian Assange

On the 11th April 2024, in response to a question from Steven Nelson, US President Joe Biden hinted that the US may be considering dropping charges against Julian Assange

Australian PM Anthony Albanese has said US President Joe Biden’s comment about ‘considering’ his request to drop the pursuit of Julian Assange is ‘encouraging’.

The Canberra Times

Overnight, US President Joe Biden was asked for his response to Australia’s request to end the prosecution of Julian Assange, to which he replied: “We are considering it.”

The response came on the eve of Julian beginning his 6th year in Belmarsh maximum security prison.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese expressed that it was “an encouraging comment from President Biden.” Julian’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson also noted that the response was “encouraging” and said “we certainly hope this was a serious remark and that the US will act on it.”

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