Promoting Our Mailer

The mailer has currently facilitated almost 40,000 mails to Australian Parliamentarians and Key Actors contributing to Julians arbitrary detention. The Australian Assange Campaign imagines more than 400,000 and we estimate the mailer could handle more than 10,000 per day.

We are many and this tool puts our voice inside the Key Actors offices

There are many ways to promote the mailer. You can

  • email the link to friends
  • mention the mailer ( link or poster ) on social media
  • display the poster at work or social club
  • display the poster in your favourite hangout such as cafe or pub
  • hand out the poster at demonstrations
  • create discussion by posting the response (or often lack of response) on social media

The link is

The poster is available for download

Artwork by Somerset Bean

Here is the QR code for the mailer suitable to include on posters, flyers and information sheets.