Bring Julian Assange Home Campaign

The Assange Campaign is excited by the formation of the Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Group on 23 October 2019. The Parliamentary Group was reformed for the 47th Parliament and is more active than ever.

Currently we have established that now 120 of the 226 Senators and Members of Parliament support actions to bring Julian Assange home, even though a Free Julian Assange petition containing more than 200,000 signatures has been tabled in Parliament. As at July 2021 the petition is still growing strongly with over 780,000 signatures and is now the fourth largest petition to be tabled in Parliament of Australian.

If you know of any Parliamentarians incorrectly represented or omitted from the list below please contact the editors of this site.

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1. The Australian Greens Party supports Freedom of the Press and the Release Of Julian Assange
2. Centre Alliance are concerned about both Mr Assange’s physical and mental health, as well as his human rights. Furthermore, they are concerned that Mr Assange is not receiving the support from the Australian Government that other Australians detained overseas are afforded.
3. Members of the Australian Labor Party are acting in personal capacities. However the Australian Labor Party grass roots now supports Julian’s immediate release from prison (see resolution below)
4. The Liberal Party of Australia has no published party policy. Support for the Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Group is a choice of individual conscience.

Australian Labor Party Resolution of Support for Julian Assange

March 2021
Labor believes that the Australian government should be doing everything necessary to ensure that Mr Julian Assange is treated fairly and humanely, and welcomes the priority given to the health and welfare of Mr Assange in the UK Court’s decision. This includes ensuring that under no circumstances should Mr Assange—or any Australian—face the death penalty.
The UK Court has found that Mr Assange should not be extradited to the USA given his ill-health, and Labor believes it is now time for this long drawn out case against Julian Assange to be brought to an end.
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Mr Wilkie 
“The man’s an Australian. He’s not an American. And he wasn’t in the US when he spoke out about the war crimes. Put simply he must be allowed to return to Australia.” 
Mr Christensen 
“It’s about the principle of someone who’s published information on the internet and fallen afoul of laws [in a country] that they’re not a citizen of, that they actually haven’t set foot in”
Mr Barnaby Joyce
” If a person commits a crime in another country while they are there, they should be judged by those laws. If a person is residing in Australia and commits a crime in another country, I don’t believe that that is a position for extradition, If they weren’t actually there, if they weren’t present there, that is a question for Australian law. We have to follow the principle, even if we don’t have regard for the person.”
Mr Wilke
“If we want to guarantee every Australian the right to a fair trial, and every journalist the right to report official misconduct, we must oppose this extradition and allow Assange to return to Australia”
Hon Mr Anthony Albanese
“Enough is Enough!”

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