Privacy Statement

In the course of working to our goal which is to ensure Julian’s freedom, we may collect personal information. This includes:
1. Association Committee member details
– see member details
2. Association Member details
– name, address, email address
3. Friends with whom we work with closely
– name, email address, telephone, web site
3. Remittance information from donations via Payid (Osko) payments
– name, remittance info ( may include email address )
4. Contact details provided to the Parliamentary Mailer
– name, street, postcode, email address

The Association may release of information on the following basis:
1. Personal information of Association committee members and Association members collected Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 may be passed to Corporate Affairs Victoria pursuant to running the affairs of Association
2. Contact details Friends who are not part of the legal team may be passed to other Friends pursuant to achieving the Association’s Goal.
3. Contact details Friends who are part of the legal team are never passed on
4. With the individuals permission, email contact details of Friends and Committee Members may be passed on. The individual’s personal email details will be aliased through to the domain. This includes publishing on the Web Site.

The Association will release information to any authorised Government Agency given:
1. Notice is duely served under the Laws of Victoria by hat agency
2. The request is authorised by the Assange Campaign’s Legal Team
In such an event all individuals affected will be notified

Under no circumstance will the Association :
1. Sell or pass any personal information to any commercial entity.
2. Store any bank accounts or credit cards numbers not belonging to the Association.
3. Release remittance information on donations, save to produce receipts to the donor
4. Release personal information unless allowed elsewhere in this statement

Details collected by the Parliamentary Mailer are kept in our hosting site for the purposes of :
1. collecting and publishing summary and progress statistics
2. rerunning parts of scripts where errors may have occurred (e.g. where a particular parliamentarian’s email address has been incorrectly collected by our system)
3. producing and dispatch of a all requests relevant to any parliamentarian upon request by any parliamentarian providing Assange Campaign Legal Team agrees:
– the purpose of the request furthers the Associations goal
– the privacy commitments of the request comply with this Privacy statement