Three protected witnesses accuse Spanish ex-marine of spying on Julian Assange

JOSÉ MARÍA IRUJO writes in El Pais

Spain’s High Court, the Audencia Nacional, is closing in on David Morales, the head of the Spanish security company US Global S. L., and who is under investigation for spying on cyberactivist Julian Assange while he was living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Three people who worked for the company have testified as protected witnesses before High Court Judge José de la Mata that Morales handed over material collected from the diplomatic headquarters to US intelligence services. The three witnesses say that Morales, a former marine in the Spanish Navy, bragged about the collaboration. “I am a mercenary and I make no bones about it,” he said to one of them.

Under Morales’s express orders, the security team photographed the passports of all of Assange’s visitors

Morales traveled to the US once or twice a month allegedly to hand over the material to “the Americans”

The witnesses said that they were able to prove that the US was accessing the information

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