A petition regarding atrocious acts committed on behalf of official Sweden

On the 27th May 2020, The Australian Assange Campaign received an email requests assistance promoting a petition to the Swedish Government

Dear administrator of the JA Australian web campaign,

In Scandinavia we have focused on UN rapporteur Melzer’s work in
disclosing the atrocious acts committed on behalf of official Sweden. We
are therefore bringing together international voices to put pressure on
the Swedish government to rectify the mess they have created. Together
with whistleblower supporters in the US based Roots Action we intend to
pressure the Swedish government to live up to its obligations as
signatories to the Torture Convention.

We think the Swedes hold the key to Julians freedom. And international
voices are important in this.

I hope you would consider adding to this pressure by informing your
citizenship about the campaign and invite them to sign. Before we have
really started there are 2500 base signatories triggered by the first 80
names that took the initiative.

Please have a look at the Petition, those first 80 names and the
Greetings presented on the web-page www.setjulianfree.org. I attach some
of this.

Any further spreading of the www.setjulianfree.org website is much

Thank you for your great work! Together I am convinced we can make a

Warm regards,


John Y. Jones
coordinator www.setjulianfree.org
Cell +47 93039520

Seeding Signatories

Petition Text