Assange Dao

In February 2022 a collective of cypherpunks launched a fund raising initiative for justice for Julian

The mission of the AssangeDAO is to inspire a powerful solidarity network and fight for the freedom of Julian Assange. We will raise funds to help with his legal fees and campaigns to increase public awareness on the systemic failure of our justice systems.

We, the cypherpunks, are rallying to the cause of a fellow cypherpunk in distress.

‘One of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice.’
— Assange

Proceeds raised from the NFT sale will benefit Julian Assange’s defense fund for legal fees and campaigning to raise awareness about Julian’s extradition case. The Assange family have worked closely with the DAO and endorses its efforts to unite cypherpunks all over the world.

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Current Funds Raised $USD 45 million

An archive of Julian’s messages to the cypherpunk mailing list, 1995-98 to 2001-02: