An online film festival – The WikiLeaks Lockdown List

The WikiLeaks official Don’t Extradite Assange campaign announces an online film festival – The WikiLeaks Lockdown List. Our contribution to those who are following medical advice and self-isolating due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The WikiLeaks Lockdown List contains free films and talks you can watch to learn more about WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, whistleblowing, activism and … Continue reading “An online film festival – The WikiLeaks Lockdown List”

Richard Lahuis photography: Valid Values

Editors Note: Often the toughest of battles inspires the best of art On Valid Values you can find portraits of people who are linked to WikiLeaks in various ways. Amongst them are human rights lawyers- and activists, artists, journalists and ambassadors. Learn about their values by looking at their portraits and by reading their personal statements.  … Continue reading “Richard Lahuis photography: Valid Values”

We are Millions

The Courage Foundation announces #WeAreMillions, a massive photo campaign to demonstrate global support for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. We Are Millions features supporters holding signs to express simply and clearly why they are standing up for Julian Assange, whom the US seeks to punish for publishing hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and military documents … Continue reading “We are Millions”