Extradition Process Flow Diagram

Wau Holland Stiftung has published a flow chart of the extradition process from June 2022 complete with timings. When you review the process going forward please consider the thoughts of Nils Melzer posted below


As long as Assange remains isolated in prison, neither the United States nor the United Kingdom will be in a hurry to bring the extradition proceeding to a conclusion. The longer every procedural step can be spun out, the more Assange’s health and stability will deteriorate, and the stronger the deterrent effect on other journalists and whistleblowers will be. As the authorities know very well, it is only a matter of time before Assange’s resilience breaks. If he should die in prison, or if his mental health should deteriorate to the point where he can be stripped of his legal capacity and locked away in a closed psychiatric institution for the rest of his life, then the case could be closed without fear of the judicial precedent of 4 January 2021 being overturned by a panel of conscientious judges at the higher British courts, the European Court of Human Rights or, ultimately, the US Supreme Court. Should Assange have the strength to withstand the pressure of his isolation until the end of the extradition proceedings, on the other hand, his resilience will no doubt be used against him as purported evidence disproving his medical frailty and suicide risk. Once the judiciary has been instrumentalized for political purposes, there is no escape.

Nils Melzer in ‘The Trial Of Julian Assange’ page 322