Julian Assange Presented Keys to Mexico City

On the 15th September 2022, Gabriel Shipton tweeted about John Shipton and he accepting the keys to Mexico City on behalf of his brother Julian Assange

Editors Note: Mexico City has a population of 9 million. More than a third of that of Australia

Further coverage in the ABC reports

“The Mexican President López Obrador has written multiple times to Joe Biden, calling for the prosecution against Julian to be dropped,” Gabriel Shipton told the ABC.

“He has also offered Julian asylum in Mexico.

“He met with [US] Secretary of State [Antony] Blinken a couple of days ago, and also in that meeting discussed Julian’s freedom and how to get Julian out of prison.”

His family is continuing to pressure Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to intervene in the case.

“There’s this expectation in the electorate in Australia that Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister, is going to actually do something to end Julian’s persecution,” Mr Shipton said.

“I’m beginning to sense that there’s a bit of disappointment after a hundred days of government that the Albanese Government hasn’t been able to act to free Julian.”

Gabriel Shipton said he wanted to see the case resolved and his brother freed before the end of the year.

“If the Australian government can manage that, I think that would be a Christmas miracle for us,” he said “We take a lot of energy from the growing wave of support around the world for Julian’s freedom.”

Also covered in The Associated Press

This week the objective was to insert mention of Julian Assange into a meeting between Mexico’s president and the United States’ top diplomat. Next week, it will be to have Australia’s prime minister bring it up with the U.S. president at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

“We call President López Obrador an ice-breaker,” because afterward the leaders of Chile, Colombia and Bolivia called for his release too, Gabriel Shipton said during the visit to Mexico. Among a packed scheduled of events, John Shipton received the key to the capital Wednesday on behalf of Assange, a ceremonial honor the city bestows on distinguished guests. The day before, he addressed Mexico’s Senate.

President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador demanding the release of Julian Assange

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