Marianne Ny Explains that the FBI Contacted Her

On the 23rd May 2017 this video was posted on Youtube

After the press conference on May 19, 2017, where prosecutor Marianne Ny declared that the Assange case [re preliminary investigations into sexual allegations] would be closed, Ny was interviewed by foreign journalists. She then said that she had been contacted by the FBI via an email that had been deleted. Asked if the name of the person who had contacted them could be obtained, she said that was not the case.

The prosecutor’s office writes, in its decision that the preliminary investigation is closed. There is no longer any reason to complete the preliminary investigation.

Editor’s Notes:

Cool as a cucumber #MarianneNy said the FBI contact could not be named … She did not think there was any reason to note a communication from the FBI
Did the FBI contact her often at the @aklagareSE?
She acts like this was an ordinary practice. 
Has anyone in Sweden made the effort to investigate any of this?

Question: What are the chances of both SPA @aklagareSE and @cpsuk accidentally deleting their emails re #Assange? When will #MarianneNy and #PaulClose be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice and other misconduct?