Note of Support for Julian Assange from Brazil

On the 27th August 2023, the Brazil’s Minister of State for Human Rights and Citizenship posted this Note of Support on the Ministry’s official web site

Editor’s Note: John Shipton has spent much of August 2023 touring South America, attending rallies and meetings of support at all levels for Julian, questions and Answer session and viewings of Ithaka to packed houses.

Translated to English

Note of support for Julian Assange

Published on 08/27/2023 3:10 pm

This week, representatives of the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship and the federal government received John Shipton, father of Julian Assange.

On the occasion of the honorable visit, we express our support for the struggle of the journalist, his family, his friends and social movements around the world for his freedom and freedom of the press.

In times when the concept of freedom has been cynically manipulated by extreme right-wing groups – the totally uncompromised freedom of solidarity – the defense of Julian Assange’s freedom and the defense of freedom of the press, on the contrary, assume their genuine and full senses. It is the freedom totally associated with social responsibility, in this case, to bring out relevant information of public interest to several countries.

The right to information is a fundamental right, and Assange’s actions have helped to promote transparency and accountability at global levels.

In addition, his current situation raises concerns about due process and the rights of an individual in the face of possible political persecution. Assange and Wikileaks brought up information with an impact on governments and companies and this is the reason for their judicial persecution, in true lawfare.

Assange’s cause is a human rights cause.

Silvio Almeida
Minister of State for Human Rights and Citizenship

Note of Support on Ministrys web site ( In Portuguese )