Senator Nick McKim : Julian Assange’s freedom is non-negotiable

On the 3rd August 2023, Australian Senator Nick McKim sent an email to supporters of Julian Assange.

Editors Note: His speech (video below) in Australian Senate on the 2nd August is very powerful and moving.

Dear Supporter of Julian Assange,

Thanks again for your ongoing advocacy to have Julian Assange freed! 

As you probably know, last week the US made it abundantly clear that they won’t be budging when it comes to Julian Assange.  

Quiet diplomacy by Mr Albanese and Senator Wong has clearly failed, and it is time for the Prime Minister to make it clear to Mr Biden that freedom for Julian Assange  is non-negotiable.  

After all, we are spending $370 billion on the AUKUS deal. We are hosting their armed forces, with US bases on our soil. We are going to host their nuclear submarines, and embed their spies into our military apparatus.  

Whenever they have said “jump” our only question has been, “how high would you like us to jump?” 

Australia needs to make it clear to the US that this relationship is a two-way street, and yesterday in the Senate the Greens called on the Prime Minister to stand up for his citizens. 

That is the very least that any Australian would expect their Prime Minister to do.

You can watch my speech in the Senate

The Greens have once again called on the Albanese government to insist that the US cease its attack on journalism, cease its attack on the truth, and free Julian.  

They need to bring him home to his family and his country, where he belongs.  

Thanks again for ongoing advocacy, and for fighting for truth, freedom and justice for Julian.

Warm regards

Nick McKim
Greens Senator for Tasmania