South Australia Vote to Free Assange

On Wednesday the 28th September, Assange Supporters are gathering to hear speeches and witness the State Parliament voting on a motion to Support Julian Assange

Frank Pangallo – South Australian Best MLC has an extremely important motion being voted on that could potentially be the catalyst for life-saving actions to be taken in regard to Australian award-winning publisher Julian Assange.  I am proud that South Australia will likely become the first State Government in Australia to move on such an important issue.  This is not only an important motion for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange but a brave stand to defend free speech, free press, our democratic right to know and to reclaim investigative journalism.  

As we all know too well, Julian Assange has been in some form of arbitrary detention for over 12 years, just for speaking truth to power. It is time to end this extreme overreach of US governmental authority and move to release Julian Assange immediately.   We believe wholeheartedly that it is in the best interest of our future generations and our great nation, that this motion is passed and acted on swiftly.  Collectively, we will push forward with conviction and enthusiasm to bring Julian and his young family home to Australia safely.  We hope that this can be realised by the end of 2022.

Speeches by:
David McBride – Australian Whistleblower /
former Australian Army lawyer
Frank Pangallo – SA Best MLC
Rex Patrick – Australian politician 
Stephen Kenny – Julian Assange’s Lawyer
Tammy Franks – The Greens MLC