The Australian Broadcasting Commission Posts Three Times More Articles About Alexei Navalny than Julian Assange Year to Date

On the 31st of October 2021 the editors reviewed the potential for news bias by the ABC ( Australian Broadcasting Commission )

A quick review of ABC articles referring to Alexei Navalny counts 51 articles referencing Alexei Navalny by name

A similar review of ABC articles referring to Julian Assange shows 17 articles referencing Julian Assange name being
January 7
February 1
March 1
July 3
August 2
October 5
With the months with more articles coinciding with court hearings

The reporting of the CIA Kidnapping and Assassination plot was posted on the ABC on October 1 and first published on Yahoo News on the 26th September. This was prompted by a letter from prominent Australian to the Prime Minster and not based on outrage at the US Government plotting against an Australian citizen

The editors found no report in the ABC on the retraction of crucial evidence by Sigurdur Ingi (Siggi) Thordarson as published in the Icelandic paper Stundin on the 7th September.

The ABC is slightly more balanced than the British Guardian with nearly 5 times the articles in favour of Navalny (78 to 16 articles)

Of interest is is that Claire Daly, Irish MEP, addressed the European Parliament Nalvany saying ‘Navalny is a vicious anti-immigration racist on maybe 4% of the population support rallying support of hundreds or thousands in cities with populations of millions. We would not be discussing if not raised in Russia. Meanwhile Julian Assange has been incarcerated for almost ten years and we cannot mention his name.’

And Julian Assange is an Australian citizen and a world famous journalist.

While the ABC has a track record of autonomy ad news worthy reporting to bring the Government and big business to account and many issues. There appears a definite blind spot for the Australian citizen Julian Assange.