The Petition Officially Tabled in the Australian House of Representatives 10-2-2020, by Andrew Wilkie MP

Announcement on Andrew Wilkie’s site

Background of the artistic effort on Australians for Assange on Facebook

Phillip Adams reports

Following the outstanding work by the team at Australians For Assange of which I am also a member. Amelia Ryan Desmond McMillan and Mills (Malcolm Sturrock) and Walter Mellado All who drove from Melbourne to Canberra. (I was not there), we are on the cuff of a big advancement. 
I have been in communication with Andrew Wilkie MP today and I directly delivered the petition to him via his Aust.Parliament House email portal. He has confirmed receipt and will now move to enter the petition into the Australian Parliamentary House of Representatives hansard on Monday Feb. 10, 2020 TBC for tabling.

This unprecedented advancement of a petition that Peter Whish-Wilson Senator tabled in the Upper House of the Australian Parliament (Aust. Senate Tabling on Nov. 12, 2019) as the last petition tabling of 2019. I believe now this attempted tabling in the Lower House of the Australian Parliament (House of Representatives), by Andrew Wilkie MP will be the first petition tabled for 2020.

This petition which is now the 4th largest to ever have been successfully tabled in the history of the Australian Parliament (since 1901) and continues to grow.

This petition to Free Julian Assange will reach unprecedented levels of international significance. Being tabled across both houses of the Australian parliament is an outstanding and powerful message to every single parliamentarian across the Western World, that we must all focus and ensure Julian Assange is Freed and no USA extradition precedent for journalists outside the USA is established.

The team at Australians For Assange Walter Mellado, Mills (Malcolm Sturrock), Desmond McMillan and Amelia Ryan need to be commended on an outstanding initiative and along with everyone in the Assange campaigns around world, who all together represent the every essence of how and why we are an unstoppable force to save Julian Assange and our democratic existence.
See some of the members of the Bring Assange Home Parliamentary Group that were together with the team from Australians For Assange outside the Australian Parliament this week with a great artistic representation of the Free Julian Assange, before it’s too late Petition.

Parliamentarians present were Peter Whish Wilson, Helen Haines. Steve Georganas, Rebekha Sharkle, Julian Hill. Andrew Wilkie and George Christensen.

Today I have also delivered the Royal Prerogative Power of Mercy request to Andrew Wilkie MP as both him and George Christensen MP (they are joint chairs of the Bring Assange Home parliamentary Group), will be leaving for London after this tabling week to visits Assange in Belmarsh to check on his condition etc. Feb. 16 I believe they are scheduled to enter Belmarsh.