Wilkie and Christensen: UK Expedition Extraordinaire

  1. Mr Wilkie Mission Statement 11th Feb

2. Sky News: Interview with Mr Wilkie 12th Feb

3. Wilkie and Christensen discussions with Nils Melzer 17th Feb

Andrew Wilkie MP tweets “In London and we met with UN Special Rapporteur on Torture @NilsMelzer to discuss Julian Assange. Nils left us in no doubt that Assange is showing the effects of psychological torture and feels betrayed by the justice system in the UK, the USA & Aus #auspol#politas#FreeAssange

Christensen, Melzer and Wilkie

4. Ruptly: Press Scrum outside Belmarsh Prison 18th Feb

From within that Press Scrum outside Belmarsh Prison (Christensen, Wilkie and John Shipton)

5. Sky News: Catch up with Mr Wilkie 18th Feb

6. ABC News coverage at Belmarsh Prison with Christensen Wilkie and Jennifer Robinson 18th Feb

7. ABC News coverage with Joyce, Wilkie, Christensen and Shipton
Editors Note: ABC News is confused about Julians current prison status. Julian is an unconvicted prisoner and the status is ‘awaiting extradition’ or remand.

8. Jeremy Corbyn and Andrew Wilkie Feb 18

ABC News report

Andrew Wilkie MP tweets “Impressed today by British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s clear position & strong leadership on Julian Assange. This is what we need from Australian Labor Party right now where precious few members are prepared to take a stand over Assange injustice #auspol #politas #FreeAssange

Andrew Wilkie with Jeremy Corbyn

9. Press Conference Feb 19

Andrew Wilkie MP tweets “One of my press conferences today in London. The world is watching what happens to Julian Assange. Beyond time for Scott Morrison to pick up the phone to Boris Johnson and Donald Trump and bring #Assange home. #politas #auspol

Editors Note: The apparent difference in foreign press interest to Australian press interest.

Press Scrum on John Shipton after press conference

10. Alan Jones interviews Mr Christensen on Return Feb 29

Overview in 2GB (837AM)

Alan and George talk about many things including:
– trials and tribulations just getting to see Julian in Belmarsh Prison.
– a fellow prison who points to Julian when he walks in and says very loudly to Andrew and George “They’re doing really bad stuff to him. They’re doing really bad stuff to him, mate. He shouldn’t really be here.”
– the role Scott Morrison could play

Editors Note: Alan Jones mistakenly refers to rape charges being dropped. No charges were ever made in the Swedish investigation.