Helen Lawrie sings: USA Get Out Go Home

On 22nd September the Stay Human Project posted this video on YouTube Interview on Radio Adelaide “Stephen Darley interviews anti-imperialists Helen Lawrie and Phil Davies about the concerted campaign by governments against Julian Assange because of his revelations of their war-mongering, dirty tricks and lies. Also discussed is the way traditional media and some on the liberal-left have collaborated to smear … Continue reading “Helen Lawrie sings: USA Get Out Go Home”

Stephen Taberner & trio perform Like a Movie, a song for Julian Assange

On the 6th September 2020 Stephen Taberner posted this performance Credits Stephen Taberner   vocals, double bass, composerJack Fitzgerald Sice   vocals, piano Susie Bishop   vocals, violinrecording engineer   Nick Hendersonmixed, filmed, and edited by Emily-Rose Sarkovaat at Peppermint Grove Studios, Australia Lyrics like a movie flickering in blue and grey like a movie you … Continue reading “Stephen Taberner & trio perform Like a Movie, a song for Julian Assange”

A Compilation for Julian’s 49th Birthday

On the 11th July, Alex Hills, posted this compilation A global protest / birthday vigil for Persecuted Journalist Julian Assange in solidarity with #YellowRibbons4Assange on his 49th birthday. Music by Timothy Wagner and Alex Hills and snippets from Candles4Assange for protests and vigils. Event details all year round check on Facebook or Twitter FRIDAY 3rd … Continue reading “A Compilation for Julian’s 49th Birthday”

Sophie Kay sings Julian Assange Blues

Released 9th February 2020Listen, review and download from Band Camp Lyrics Julian Assange did nothing wrong Showed us how the world’s going wrong  HOU HOU HOU Act with a littl’ empathy HOU HOU HOU Mrs Judge Show us your humanity  Told us the truth like Jesus Please Mrs Judge listen to us HOU HOU HOU  Act with a littl’ empathy HOU HOU HOU Mrs … Continue reading “Sophie Kay sings Julian Assange Blues”

Bengian sings Julian Assange

On the 23rd February Bengian sings Lyrics Translated from German This is for Julian AssangeAnd every PioneerWho is incarcerated right nowFor freedom of speechFor the truthFor all of usFor Assange! This is for Julian Assange and every pioneerWho fights for freedom, ignored by itWho bleeds for the truth, in the way of beeingdiscredited and tortured, … Continue reading “Bengian sings Julian Assange”