Daniel Devita sings Catch Assange

Catch Assange is Daniel Devita’s new song about the founder of WikiLeaks; Julian Assange.
In the lyrics, the artist personifies those who saw his crimes exposed by this organization and his plan to silence it and punish its creator.

Language is Spanish

Lyrics ( English )

Freedom on the Internet. Who dares to think of that? 
If there is transparency we will be in trouble. 
Our dirt must remain in the shadows. 
Who does this guy who names us think he is? 
That is the main thing, We are the elite, 
We won’t let the triumph be for Wikileaks. 
That a pretentious bug becomes David 
And throws a stone at us that marks the end. 
Get Assange, there will be no forgiveness 

Another filtration, another nation discovers 
Our thirst for blood, this is unhealthy. 
Create lawsuits, cry out for his detention 
No one will hit the pause or end to censorship. 
Another web is knit, without our moves 
And this evil Correa now protects him. 
They will suffer, they will pay, they will bear the Cross, 
They will, for every plan that comes to light. 
Get Assange, there will be no forgiveness 

We will make him pay for every leak. 
We bought the lentejero that remains in the presidency and 
Gave us the leader of the resistance, yes 
We will put an end to honest journalism 
If the people are silent, we will continue with the rest 
If they don’t claim for their heroes 
We already have written the end of the show. 
Forget justice, don’t fight for your dreams 
That way, we will continue to be the owners 

Owners, owners, owners, we own everything 
Owners, owners, owners, we own everything 
Owners / Owners / Owners 
Owners / Owners / Owners 
Because you allow it.