Five Things That Would Make The CIA/CNN Russia Narrative More Believable

Caitlin Johnstone writes 2018/7/14 on the burden of proof, election meddling, collusion, Russia, Wikileaks and the truth

  1. Proof of a hacking conspiracy to elect Trump.
  2.  Proof that election meddling actually influenced the election in a meaningful way.
  3. Some reason to believe Russian election meddling was unwarranted and unacceptable.
  4. Proof that the election meddling went beyond simply giving Americans access to information about their government.
  5. A valid reason to believe escalated tensions between two nuclear superpowers are worthwhile

The Editor wishes to highlight strength of reason in the fourth ‘thing’

If anything, Americans should be upset that they had to hear about Democratic Party corruption through the grapevine instead of having light shed on it by the American officials whose job it is to do so. Complaints about election meddling is only valid if that election meddling isn’t comprised of truth and facts.

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