Hactivist Group Leaks New Files on the Case Between the U.S. Government and Julian Assange

On the 15th July, 2020 Sarah Basford  writes

The hacktivist group, DDoSecrets, has published sensitive documents and communications relating to the case between Julian Assange and the U.S. Government on a site called AssangeLeaks.

Editor’s Note: Over 50% of the Assange defence is based on independent whistle blowers, freedom of information enquires and through investigative journalism.

The documents were published on AssangeLeaks, at 3am AEST on July 15 and contain 26 PDFs as well as a video file and a folder of previous leaked documents. Prior to publishing the group had a countdown timer running on the site.

The subject of the release contains a number of chat logs between Julian Assange, the Australian founder of WikiLeaks. The documents included on the site include chat logs and letters dating back to 2010 between Assange, sources and hackers. They relate to Chelsea Manning and upcoming leaks the organisation had planned at the time.

The site said it was not taking a side by releasing the information, rather that the release of documents was in the interest of transparency.

The documents’ publication hasn’t been without criticism. An Italian investigative reporter and pro-Assange advocate, Stefania Maurizi stated that private communications between journalists should not be the target of document releases unless there is criminal wrongdoing.

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